Enjoying our faith through ministry and service


At Kohala Adventist Church, our congregation isn't only active for weekend church service. We love our community and are eager to help wherever we can.


And we're always looking for more volunteers. Experience the blessings of service:


Blue Zone Approved Fellowship Dinner

Enjoy a tasty, healthy meal after each Sabbath church service. Many have told us it's the best meal on the island! Come see for yourself—anyone is welcome. 


Family Movie Night

On the first Saturday night of every month, at dusk, we show a family-friendly movie night on our huge outdoor screen. It's a carefree evening out for the whole family with great people, entertainment, and you've gotta try the popcorn!


Ukulele Lessons

If you have always wanted to try the ukulele, Hawaii's signature instrument, or you want to hone your skills, call the church to schedule a lesson!


ALANON Meeting Space

If you're looking for a meeting or you need a space to host, we have several spaces available.